Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

These are my picks for must-have kitchen gadgets for a well-equipped kitchen. 

Its Holiday time, and it is the season for making a lot of dishes and giving gifts. I have frequently gotten items to use in the kitchen as gifts, usually something I want but won’t splurge on. Sometimes gadgets make our lives easier, and sometimes they are just fun to use. Most people who cook have certain basic tools, but I recommend expanding your arsenal to have some tools that can improve the quality of your cooking and speed up the process. Who doesn’t need more personal time?

These things are my personal favorite kitchen gadgets that I recommend for making the proper plate. These items can make great gifts for yourself or for the cook in your life.

  1. Rice steamer – frees up the stove top and no sticky mess to clean up; rice comes out perfectly fluffy!
  2. Mini Cuisinart – I use for small projects like salsas, dips, salad dressings.
  3. Smoothie Blender – just blend and drink; top is usually portable so you don’t need a glass
  4. Citrus Juicer – because fresh juice is so much better to cook with
  5. Salad spinner – you should always clean your greens before you eat them, and it saves paper towels
  6. Fine grater or zester – citrus zest is potent and adds a lot of flavor- don’t throw away the zest!
  7. Immersion blender – makes your life so much easier when making a pureed soup or a gravy
  8. Digital Food thermometer – be safe! Some tell you the appropriate temperature for each type of meat.
  9. Oil mister and/or dispensing bottle – so much better than Pam and can save you calories
  10. Herb mincer – can be used for more than herbs; great for making rubs, salad dressings, marinades
  11. Smooth edge can opener – again, SAFETY!
  12. Pizza stone – if you like pizza, then this will improve the quality; great for re-heating pizza in the oven
  13. Fruit Infusion Water Pitcher – make regular water more interesting and use NATURAL flavor
  14. Spatula set (fish spatula, silicone spatula for mixing, plastic spatula for non-stick pans) – Believe it or not, the type of spatula you use can make a difference in how things flip and are transferred out of a pan. Also, you don’t want to scratch your non-stick pans.
  15. Fruit peeler/pitter/corer – if you eat fruits with pits or like fruit salads, this is a time saver and keeps your hands cleaner
  16. Vegetable Spiralizer - make noodles from squash, carrots, cucumbers and more! They make a lot of models, but I recommend one that is heavy-duty, that has suction to your counter top. I don't recommend the hand-held versions. 
  17. Garlic peeler and Press- the silicone sleeve peeler is so simple and yet so effective! 
  18. Mini whisk - smaller whisks are so handy for smaller creations, like homemade salad dressings and marinades 
  19. Avocado pitter and slicer - if you eat avocados, this is so much SAFER than trying to get the pit out with a knife. 
  20. Basting set - if you like to roast meats, then you need at least the large syringe and a basting brush. Quit trying to spoon the juices out of the hot pan! 

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