Healthy Shopping List

Healthy Shopping List

After a session with the Dietitian, the next visit to the supermarket is often a long and tedious one. People have more awareness, they are reading more labels, and they have new foods that they are looking for. I frequently get asked for a meal plan and menu ideas. Healthy eating does require planning. I like to sit down with a cup a coffee on the weekend with my recipes and Pinterest, and plan my dinners for the week. Then I make a list. I like having a piece of paper, but some people prefer to use their smart phones. I think having a prepared shopping list helps save time and the budget, but also it can be a helpful tool for weight management. A shopping list is just one step to accountability. 

I have created links to grocery shopping lists to help guide food choices at the supermarket. I always shop with a list, and you can adapt any of these to your needs. I did not specify whether or not I recommend organic foods or not, because I don’t think that every budget can accommodate that. When shopping for food, if the organic version is similar in price to the non-organic version, you may want to consider buying the organic version. 

The shopping lists do not contain household items, toiletries, and chemicals. It only contains food and beverages. They ARE NOT designed for persons with specific food allergies, however you can modify them to suit your needs. 

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